• Being a member of Egesan family

    Is aiming excellence at every new step.

Egesan Human Resource Policy

At EGESAN we crate and expect excellence at everything we do. We commit to set and comply th highest set of standards. Egesan HR department strives to acquire the best talent in the industry, invest in and support their professional growth and career in our company. 

We are a family company, we work like one. We tell the truth, we do the right thing, we always feel and are hold accountable for what we say and do. 

EGESAN employees involve in decision making processes begining from their first days at work and they are supported to be effective leaders in their fields. At EGESAN we work to ensure all business decisions are taken based on stasifactory analysis by authorized and responsible professionals.
At EGESAN we value differences andwe listen thoughtfully to understand. Young talent joining in EGESAN are supported to grow in different career paths that best suits theirpreferences and competencies. Our sales engineers, equipped with a strong understanding of the end user  can take roles in R&D or manufacturing roles to develop products that better meet end user needs. 

Our objective at EGESAN is to remain an organization that  continuously delivers high performance. For this purpose, we support our employees with the necessary training, implement an effective and simple performance evaluation and rewarding system.